Scout Notebook: A Closer Look At Dak, Missed Opportunities; More From Week 4

FRISCO, Texas It not fun to do after a loss, but as Cowboys coach Jason Garrett likes to say: youe got to remove emotion from the situation and watch the tape Joe Jones Jersey.If you can do that, you can get into the nuts and bolts of what the Cowboys did well – and, obviously, what they did poorly. There a lot to unpack from this game, as we saw an impressive Cowboys team for the first 30 minutes and a forgettable one for the second 30 minutes.Here are my primary impressions from my studies:If Aaron Donald doesn hittouchdown catch.It never easy to bring Tavon Austin down in space. His explosive quickness is a nightmare for opponents to deal with. The Rams threw a quick screen to the outside in order to take advantage of Austin elusiveness, butwork into the flat for a 31-yard gain. Tanzel Smart had a free run through the middle of the pocket, asin the flat, Tanzel Smart tackled him low around the legs once again after the ball was clearly gone. I have heard Ron Rivera mention the poor treatment that Cam Newton receives in the game from officials in regards to his protection. I can only hope that Jason Garrett doesn have to make the same comments, but those hits needed to be called unless the league wants to lose a star to an injury